Soling Parfums - has been an exclusive distributor of niche perfumery in Russia for over 20 years. We successfully cooperate and promote the best perfume brands from all over the world. Our Company stood at the origins of the creation of niche perfumery boutiques in Russia, when at the very beginning of our journey there was not a single perfume boutique in Russia. Today we successfully cooperate with almost 200 boutiques and store chains throughout Russia.
Our Brands:
Le Jardin Retrouve'

Le Jardin Retrouvé is an independent, timeless, artisanal, and family-owned House of Haute Parfumerie. It was founded in 1975 by Master Perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, the originator of Niche Perfumery and creator of universal and classic perfumes from the 1930’s on.

Le Jardin Retrouvé was relaunched in 2016 by Michel Gutsatz and his wife, artist Clara Feder, reviving an incredible heritage with a focus on sustainability and eco-responsibility. Maxence Moutte, Le Jardin Retrouvé's in-house perfumer, is adamant to preserve the olfactory authenticity of the perfumes created by Yuri Gutsatz, their high-quality ingredients, and their manufacturing protocol. Maxence has also created some of his own fragrances in line with this heritage. Le Jardin Retrouvé’s core values are Family, Authenticity.


"I am an Italian perfume composer, living and working in Amsterdam.

I consider perfume as a form of art, expressing ideas, emotions or state of mind via the invisible yet perfect balance of raw materials.

By delving into my inner life and emotions I can express something authentic that resonates with

people’s inner being.

They will never forget how my perfumes make them feel".


Franchesca Bianchi


A brand that has rolled through the decades, looking back on a vivid past and standing on the prec-

ipice of a brilliant future. Since its creation in 1957, Gravel Cologne has seen the trends come and go,

but has always remained true to itself: Strong, elegant, unaltered. Fragrances which defy time, like

the gravel in each bottle. Read the rich history of one of the oldest still existing American perfume

brands its creator.

Fort & Manlé
Fort & Manlé is a luxury niche perfume house committed to creating high quality handcrafted perfume.

Founder and perfumer Rasei Fort has elevated the art of scent creation to new heights, bringing the essence of the world’s most treasured aromas into exciting compositions. Vibrant, opulent, and often eccentric, his inspired creations combine the most refined and precious raw materials available.

Now synonymous with luxury around the world, Fort & Manlé continues to raise the bar, providing an olfactory experience that is sure to transport its users to the most exotic places and times.

Simone Andreoli

Simone Andreoli ― is a leading brand of high-quality perfumes from Italy. It was founded in 2012. Named after its owner and ideological inspirer Simone Andreoli. Releases compositions in the form of olfactory travel notes. The founder of the company is a creative person who, at a young age, launched the artistic and entrepreneurial project Olfactory Diary. Since childhood, he has shown an interest in smells and traveling abroad, especially to the Middle East. At the age of 8, I visited Provence for the first time, where I discovered a whole universe of aromas.
BOIS 1920
BOIS 1920 - is a famous Italian niche Perfume House, whose history begins in the last century - in 1920 with the unique fragrances created by Guido Galardi. A subtle sense of smell and love for perfumery, a passion for creating unique scents has become a tradition of the Galardi family. Bois 1920 perfumes are truly magical elixirs created from rare and expensive ingredients. Each new fragrance BOIS 1920 invariably attracts attention and finds its fans.


"Olfattology" is an Italian perfume brand. Most of the fragrances released by the brand became the bestsellers of its time, they were appreciated by numerous grateful customers. The commercial success was practically predetermined, as the most bright and creative perfumers of the present time, including, for example, Enzo Galardi and other equally authoritative masters closely cooperated with the design house "Olfattology".

Linari – is a modern luxury perfume brand created for people who prefer to choose only the best in this life. Linari perfumes are designed for the most discerning, true connoisseurs of perfumery. Linari's compositions harmoniously intertwine unique aromas of freshness, natural fragrances and comfort. The prestigious brand perfumes are ideal for self-confident personalities, it emphasizes individuality and gives an image of elegance.

LINARI - Room Fragrance

Linari is a synthesis of German practicality and the age-old traditions of Italian art. LINARI is the name of a picturesque Tuscan village, where the German Rainer Dirsche decided to create a brand of interior fragrances.

Luxurious premium fragrances for home and office. Aroma plays a very important role in our life. He is able to create an atmosphere, to influence it, to influence our mood and impressions.

CIRO — is one of the first niche perfume brands known for their avant-garde approach to fragrances. The name CIRO has always been associated with revolutionary perfumery compositions. Exquisite ingredients transformed by renowned perfumers into stunning perfume compositions - enchanting and original, emitting a bright glow thanks to the high concentrations of perfume oils. Unusual combinations and nuances of aromas give a special sensual pleasure and are intended for true connoisseurs, collectors and non-conformists from perfumery.

ALTAIA is an Italian perfume brand. The fragrances were launched in 2015. Each fragrance of the brand is a life, a story told by real people, in which there is inevitably a place for memories, tenderness, loyalty and love. For the production of these fragrances, the rarest, most expensive and valuable ingredients are used. The bottles of this brand are graceful and created in a minimalist style. All boxes are handcrafted and highlight the elegance and preciousness of the scent.
Eau D'Italie
The perfumery brand Eau d'Italy is a gem of niche perfumery in Italy. The first eau de toilette under the same name "Eau d'Italie" was created in 2008 by the famous perfumer Bertrand Duchafort. Careful selection of high-quality, original components for the perfume pyramid, complete absorption in the process of creating and discovering new selective fragrances, the ability to bring innovations to the podium of the world perfumery are valuable qualities in the modern perfume industry. Eau d'Italie fragrances are on the shelves of world boutiques, which means that the niche woven from Italian passion is full.

Robert Piguet

In 1941 the Swiss designer Robert Piguet, who created the famous black dress of Edith Piaf, seriously engaged in perfumery. For several years Robert Piguet brand released three iconic fragrances: Bandit, Fracas and Visa. After Piguet's death, the brand ceased to exist, but was revived in 1999. The relaunch was marked by the release of an updated Bandit, composed back in 1944. Despite the aggressive name, the fragrance consisting of floral and citrus notes spiced up with spices sounds delicate and feminine. Floral Fracas with fleur d'orange and coriander and oriental woody Visa received the updated formula. The collection, which has about 30 fragrances, is still being updated.

Guido Crepax Valentina

Eau de toilette Valentina from the Italian brand Guido Crepax! This is a bright and versatile fragrance. The initial note of the fragrance opens with citrus passages of juicy bergamot, sweet mandarin, spicy pink pepper and green currant leaves. Gradually gaining power, the fragrance reveals the heart note - a gorgeous bouquet of lush rose and sensual jasmine. The base note of the eau de toilette is fragrant heliotrope, tonic lemon, oriental sandalwood and melting chocolate, combined with animalistic accents of gray ambergris and seductive musk. Shine in beauty with Guido Crepax!


Dynamic and unique metropolitan style for him and her.


A young Italian brand inspired by famous and commercial fragrances.

Fragonard brand inherited its name in honour of the famous French artist Jean-Honore Fragonard from the city of Grasse. Over the years, magnificent fragrances of the brand have been created, more than eighty years have passed from the very first perfume "Moment of Flight", which was born in 1929, to the "Diamond" perfume, released in 2006. Each creation of the luxury brand Fragonard is accompanied by an extraordinary success. And this is not surprising, because these aromas penetrate directly into our souls.

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